University of Utah College of Pharmacy

I was hired by The University of Utah to help redesign the College of Pharmacy's website UI, UX, and copy for a changing demographic of future students.



• Reduced, prioritized, and organized 692 pages

• Usability testing

• Collaborated with developer, staff/faculty and U of U Health Sciences

• Researched millennials, undergraduate seniors, and juniors

• Developed 6 unique user personas and scenarios

• Improved site usability and user experience


Developing a better user experience

I wanted to do more than just reorganize a few pages and transfer content onto the new CMS. I wanted to create a better user experience for every user. I did research, a competitive analysis, and created 6 unique personas. The first persona is a prospective PharmD student named Derek. He's 22 years old, uses a mobile device to access internet 75% of the time, and is starting to make decisions on graduate schools and programs.

This page is found within one click from the home page, and Derek can now see the three most prominent programs the college has to offer. He can now explore his options from one page. 


The Scenario

Derek is interested in the PharmD Program. He was interested in something medical involving patient treatment, without blood or surgery. So becoming a pharmacist sounded appealing to him. He was interested in the University of Utah because he loves to ski and would like to move out to the west coast.

The easy to navigate steps keep the PharmD Program on his mind for the next few weeks. He goes back to the page at least once a week to check the dates (listed at the top of the page) for the next 4 weeks. On the second week, he bookmarks the page in his browser on his laptop. His bookmarks sync to his iPhone and he shows his peers who are also interested in out-of-state graduate programs.

Derek finds time during fall break to apply on his laptop. He finds the Transfer Student Information link easily from the same page to send an email to an advisor. He's impressed with the timely response and easy to use website.

He makes a visit to campus at the Skaggs Reseach Institute in Salt Lake City after he's accepted in the spring for a hands-on day with researchers and professors. He heard about the event from emails he started getting from the college. He chooses to attend the U's College of Pharmacy in the Fall. It was among 3 other top tier universities he was accepted to; including Stanford and Caltech.




Information Architechture



The image on the left depicts some of the preliminary white board brainstorming sessions we had at the beginning of the redesign.

I presented my research, persona, and designs to the college. The other half of the work would be the implementation of my designs, transferring, and editing content to fit in the new UI. But the most important concept I underlined was the use of a hamburger-style menu in the top left header and a large drawer-style menu. Besides cleaning up the design for mobile and even desktop, the drawer provides more space for organization and user identified pages right in the menu. This design choice led to more improvements in the UI.



The website on the right has a new UI, it's responsive, and yes, mobile friendly. The code was cleaned up and I organized and prioritized each page.