Hey, it's Mack.

I currently do product design at Vivint Solar, a residential solar energy provider based out of Utah. Previously, I was a web design intern at University of Utah's College of Pharmacy, a top ten ranked graduate and research institution. Read some of my case studies bellow and reach out to me @ChasingMack if you find anything interesting!

NEO 2.0

User experience, user interface, prototyping, user research

Door to door sales reps at Vivint Solar use NEO to create, manage, track and interact with customers and corporate processes during the sales, permitting, and installation of a PV system. NEO is a native IOS app for iPhone and iPad. I helped design an interface that would be useful on iPhone and more useful on iPad. 

University of Utah College of Pharmacy

WEb, information architecture, copy

Five years after the arc of responsive web design, the College of Pharmacy website needed to be redesigned to be useful on mobile devices. I listening to users, re-examined old patterns, and addressed needs of the many stakeholders a university has. I helped write copy, designed web interfaces and information architecture for navigation.

User research

User research, product validation, and prototyping

Designing for an engaging, usable web requires more than just a concept in your head and VC. A group of user experience researchers and I at the University of Utah researched users of family history products and designed five pages/features for a client. My team explored Search and Collaboration.